High pressure WC

How does it work ?


Patent, mark and model registered 2007

This WC has the following advantages:

  • new design
  • new working device
  • easy installation
  • better evacuation
  • greatly improved cleaning and rinsing of the basin
  • water consumption is greatly reduced, in accordance with the environmental orders (“Grenelle de l’environnement”).

This novelty concerns the evacuation, the high pressure WC. The waste water which is found in the bottom of the basin is evacuated even before the water reaches in the basin.

This new WC is equipped with small hydro pneumatic tanks. When the valve is opened, the pressure that is in the tanks creates the fast movement of the water on the sides of the basin several times. The basin is cleaned and rinsed much better due to the centrifugal force that is created while using a minimum amount of water. We get the same well-known result, when we use a rotating movement in a cylinder container with a liquid.

Other important advantages:

  • The filling up of the tanks is fast as well as silent.
  • the valve works as the flush, thus avoiding important leaks caused when flushing traditional WC.